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Hello!! Only 4 more days then I`m off work for a week!! can`t wait! still got 3 more shifts to do though!
happy managed to book for Beatles Week in August again! any other big Beatles fans? love em,especially George! his All Things must Pass album best album ever!took my 8 year old cousin to the Beatles story museum last week she loved it! had to buy her a yellow submarine!!.
Have to go to my mum`s next week it`s her birthday,my dog`s too,my Duke is 11!
well better go and get dressed,as it`s 4.30pm and I`m still in my pj`s!but I was working last night and am again tonight!

17th Jan, 2009

Finally been to see Australia yesterday,I LOVE evil David!!! He looked gorgeous throughout,sorry Hugh Jackman,David is the sexiest man !!! the film itself is okay,bit long!! I`m really bored at the moment,but I am going to town soon,and I`m on the night shift tonight.But then I`ve got 2 days off,going to watch my 8 year cousin in pantomine.Can`t wait to get paid next week,hate it when it`s a five week month!!! Well Duke my dog is giving me looks he wants to go for his walk!!!


                                                                                                                  It would be so lovely if David was in my stocking on Thursday morning!!!!!  
I can only dream!!!  I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I am working 8 to 5 on christmas day,you can`t close an old people`s home!!! but it`s fun and the residents have lots of food and play games!!!

27th Nov, 2008

It has been a while since I`ve been on here!! I`ve moved,got a new laptop,been working a lot,so decided to try again with live journal!! David Wenham is still my No1 guy!! Can`t wait to see him in Australia!! Can`t believe it`s nearly Christmas,but am looking forward to it,though I am working Christmas Day!! Since it`s 1am better go to bed,going round Manchester with my friend in the morning!!



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