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went to see The Monkees at the Liverpool Echo last night,LOVED IT!!!!

They were great, they played there hits and more,and they played my favourite Shades of gray!!!!
Lots of my fave Peter singing!!!!
Could go and see them over and over again!!
Thanks PETER,DAVY and MICKY!!!!
well tomorrow going to Hay-On-Wye for a week,looking forward to going in all the bookshops!! AND its the Eurovision Song contest as well,can't wait!!

The 10 men I want for Christmas

these 10 men I would love to have wrapped up(ready to unwrap) on Christmas morning!!!

1  DAVID WENHAM                  

2 ALAN RICKMAN                  

3 MARTIN SHAW                

4 GEORGE HARRISON  (okay he's dead)    

5 CONNOR TRINNEER                                  

6 DENNIS GRABOSCH                                

7 VAN HANSIS                                               

8 PAUL MICHAEL GLASER                      

9 SHAWN MICHAELS                            

10 JOSHUA JACKSON                               

Wow!!! 3 days in a row I'm updating this,I'm just sooooooo emotional at the moment after watching Monday night raw!!!!!  I don't cry a lot,but I was after seeing my Shawn say goodbye,am gonna miss him soooooo much,it was a beautiful speech!!! And him and HHH hugging at the end,I was really blubbing!!!!!!I don't think I will be watching the wrestling anymore,I will keep updated,but without the HeartBreak Kid it won't be the same!!!!!! I'll be buying his new dvd which comes out next month,and the wrestlemania dvd when it comes out!!! so that's something to look forward to!!!HBK 4 LIFE!!!!!!

HBK-A Tribute!!!!

Today is a SAD day,well for me anyway!!! My beloved Shawn Michaels lost in a career match to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania!!! I know other wrestlers have had career losing matches,and come back,but as much has I love Shawn,I hope he doesn't as he has gone out in style!!!
Shawn was the first wrestler I saw when I was flicking through tv back in June1990,part of the Rockers,I fell for him as a wrestler and a gorgeous guy.His wrestling skills back then were awesome,and ever since then Shawn has been Number 1 and he always will be no wrestler can ever take his place in my heart!!! I admit I watch wrestling for Shawn!!!!
Shawn is the most entertaining,exciting,flambouyant,risk taking,always giving 1000% wrestler ever,no matter what when Shawn stepped in the ring,you knew he'd give you a match you would never forget!!!!
No matter what happens in the future,I hope Shawn is happy and heatlhy!!!!
                                                        THANK YOU SHAWN!!!!!!


Gosh,I haven't updated this for a while!!!! Just wondered if there were any As The World Turns fans out there,who Love Luke and Reid!!! And actually would rather have them together than Luke and Noah!!!!! I love the chemistry between the two of them,and Reid is hotter than Noah!!!

24th Jun, 2009

Hiya Bijou, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a good Day!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sapphire 3!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Just wana say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to galeandrandy!!Hope you have a good day!!!
A very short message,being born in Burnley and having lots of family there,not really into football though!!! want to say CONGRATULATIONS BURNLEY FC!!!!On promotion to the Premier League!!! Well done to the CLARETS!!!!

10th Apr, 2009

well had some bad news a couple of weeks ago,one of our dogs [my friends]Mitsy died,she was old and blind but she`s at peace now!!!then a few days later went to see Marley&Me and I was bawling my eyes out at the end of the film!!! Its been quiet on the films front recentley but there seems to be some good ones coming up,Star Trek,Harry Potter,David`s new film[the title of which has gone out of my head!]!!! Just got Better than Sex with david on dvd,so tonight after work,it will be me,David,chocolate and wine!!
Just discovered another pairing Noah/Luke from As The World Turns

Van Hansis[Luke}is adorable!!!
well gonna go to the shops!!!



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